Traveling on work related matters is different.  This isn’t down time.  Money, time and effort are on the table.  Here’s what our corporate and business clients repeatedly told us they appreciate about the Siesta Suites Hotel Kelowna.

1.  Right location - Being near your business destination is a must.  Commuting long distances is overrated.  A good location will also put you near good restaurants, breweries and cafes.  Perhaps a short evening walk downtown or to the park is called for.  A clean safe neighborhood such as ours important.

2. After hours amenities - Yes, work does end at some point.  Once the laptop is turned off and the phone needs a recharge, you need to refresh as well.  A good gym is a needed amenity.  A warm pool and a relaxing hot tub are must haves too.

3. Great atmosphere - It’s one of those things that is many things put together.  This can mean everything from room comfort, to how well lit the parking lot is, or what colour the walls are.  Atmosphere can be the warmth or personality of a place.  It is a combination of all those.

4. People – Our entire staff team work hard each day to ensure that you have a great stay with us.  We look forward to serving you on your next trip to Kelowna.

Bonus Tip: Call us direct to make your corporate reservation.  We can offer you our best corporate rate.  Also remember to inquire about our direct billing and invoicing options.


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