Search any directory or visitor guide for restaurants in Kelowna and you’ll be inundated with enough choices to spin your mind. Sure, you could sift through the many options, or you could let us recommend 3 great eateries for you.  Showcasing local talent, locally grown fresh food, an atmosphere that you'll want to linger in a while longer, and most important of all, mouthwatering fare.  Saddle up, this will be fun!
Krafty Kitchen & Bar is making a big impact on the Kelowna food scene. Comfortable and unpretentious, Krafty Kitchen is a chef driven restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The locally sourced food is delightfully fresh and delicious.  The drinks equally so.  It is easy to linger and enjoy and conversation with friends.  A uniquely Kelowna experience.
The Fixx Cafe has been a Kelowna mainstay and top restaurant for years.  Lisa Cham arrived in Kelowna on a mission to offer Mission District residents and visitors alike "A Dining Experience that Exceeded All Expectations".  With "The Fixx" she has done just that. Ask anyone.  Located in the Mission on Lakeshore Road, a block from Gyro Beach.  Reservations are recommended.
Another must visit spot in Kelowna is Raudz Regional Table.  The all encompassing philosophy is all about local, natural and organic ingredients.  Expertly assembled entrees from truly regional growers, in an atmosphere that invites you to linger.  Reservations aren’t available but don’t be intimidated by the first come first served philosophy.  The wait only perfects the experience.
Straying a bit from the title of only featuring 3 restaurants, we’re going to add a fourth option for you.  Micro is located next to Raudz Regional Table and is a creation of the same.  Need to tame your roaring appetite? Pop into Micro Bar and Bites for cocktails and appetizers.
For more uniquely Kelowna dining experiences,  ask our staff on your arrival for more details or for directions.  We’re locals, we know.  
  Raudz Regional Table Krafty Kitchen + Bar
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