For generations now, the family vacation, whether good or bad, forms many of our childhood memories. Mom and Dad packed the car the night before, and paper maps, guide books and brochures blanketed the dining room table for days, and the anticipation of leaving on a road trip rivalled Christmas morning.

Travel has changed somewhat in recent years. Every detail can be planned ahead. Every attraction viewed online with photos, reviews and videos.

How will you create those memories you had of family vacations for your family? Here are a few ideas that can help.

Leave some things to chance. the best experiences are those not planned on. Those conversations, discoveries and adventures that move us out of our comfort zone, those are the ones you'll be sharing with your friends. Not every minute of every day needs a rigorous itinerary. leave a few days open for discovery. Often after having settled into a vacation spot a few days, unique things to do will come to light. The item to do may be nothing at all. Who can argue with a cold drink and book on a poolside lounger.

Take a chance by doing something you don’t normally want to do. Deathly afraid of horses? Book a riding tour with your family. Never climbed a ropes course or paddled a stand up paddle board? Now is your time to shine. Your kids will love to see you overcoming your fear and you’ll demonstrate how they too can overcome their fears. You will have conquered and came out a winner. Everyone remembers being a winner.

Spend a day without electronic devices. Bring your camera to capture the moments, but lock away phones, music players, gadgets and tablets. After the eye rolling and groaning ends (it usually takes only minutes), everyone is free to interact. Whether that means playing a card game, diving for objects at the bottom of the pool, or hanging out together to tell stories, memorable moments will be created , and isn’t that what vacations are all about?