Families work real hard to make it to vacation time. As we spend dreary dark cold nights looking out the office window as the snow drifts become legends, our eyes slowly drift lower on the calendar to the magical word “vacation”. An eternity it seems, before that vacation milestone is reached.

Now that you made it, or at least have it within your sights, the last thing we want to do is to cause ruin to your holiday dreams. There are ways to help keep the joy in your Kelowna beach vacation.

1. Bring along some water and plenty of Kelowna fruit when heading out for the day. Starting in mid-june, the weather is consistently hot, and local farm gate stands begin to sell fresh local produce. Crunchy cherries are better for you (and therefore safer) than say potato crisps.

2. Don’t drink the lake. While perfect for swimming, floating and water skiing, drinking from the same fountain as fish do isn’t recommended. It’s a lake after all, and some critters live there that your stomach may not be friendly with.

3. Just as a buffet lineup tempts us to over indulge, a warm sunny beach can do the same. Enjoy some shade once in a while. Too much sun exposure isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Pace yourself.

4. Stay inside the bouys marking the swim zones on the local beaches. Buoys keep boats out, and swimmer in. Motorized Water craft and swimmers don’t very well share the same space. So enjoy the lake inside the marked swimming zones.

Beyond that, Kelowna is a safe, fun and family friendly place to be. We look forward to seeing you here.

And as always, ask our staff on your arrival for more details, local events, or for directions. We’re locals, we know.

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