As a hotel staff, we have the great privilege and joy of serving you. We like people and enjoy the opportunity to interact.

The ability of the Guest Service team to accommodate your special requests is vast.  From arranging extra room supplies prior to your arrival, to assigning rooms, moving guests to a different room more to their liking, extending or shortening stays, making sure Aunt Neldie is in the room beside you or not, arranging an early check-in or a late check-out, calling a taxi or shuttle, giving directions to a restaurant, or printing off your boarding pass to tomorrow's flight.  You get the idea.  We’re here for you.

Some guests find that booking a room on an online travel site is convenient and quick. That may be, but just as a super hero's powers evaporate in the absence of Kryptonite, the almost infinite powers of a Guest Service agent can also be limited.

When rooms are booked on an online travel site, the hotel has no power or ability to help guests extend their stay, change room configurations, check out a day early, cancel the reservation, or change the name on the reservation.  Guests must initiate these changes to their booking through the online portal the booking was made through.  Guest Service agents can only look on helplessly as the updates wind their way through the interweb.  To many guests, this is an exercise in frustration and aggravation.  Who needs that while traveling?

So you’ve got the power to give your Guest Service representative the ability to make your experience the best it can be.  By booking your reservation directly on the hotel web site, you win.  And we want you to win.