When most people hear about the Okanagan, it usually has to do with wine, skiing, beautiful scenery, nice people:), and a brilliant lake.

It’s that last feature that not only opens the world of sun tanning, sand castles, swimming and boating to many visitors, but Okanagan Lake is also a great fishing destination. Now that September has arrived and kids are back to school, it’s time to fish.

As it is a large lake, Okanagan Lake produces many fish. Kokannee and trout are the most commonly known, but Okanagan Lake is home to 20+ fish species.

The most assured way to end up with one of these beautiful fish on your line is to go with a pro. Fishing guides know how to lure the big ones to your line and are well equipped with all the gear and know how to land them in your cooler.

While Okanagan, Wood, and Kalamalka Lakes are the obvious source for great fish, there are dozens of mountain lakes that surround the valley that offer a superb fishing adventure.

Do yourself a favour and include a fishing outing into your Kelowna intinerary.

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